credit: Audrey Svoboda


Day 1: Discover Manihi and check out Paeua /Turipaoa village and pass

  • Pick up shells, nice little rocks and dried pieces of wood to make your own little souvenirs
  • Learn how to weave coconut leaves and make o’ini for the food + niau hat +niau bags + niau broom purau plates
  • Coprah experience and learn how to make monoï the traditional way
  • Circle island tour
  • Check out a Pearl farm and find out about the Korori
  • Snorkel in the clear waters of the Turipaoa pass
  • Visit the Paeua village
  • Go for a Va’a (one man canoe) /kayak session
  • Line fishing in front of your pension at night


Day 2: Deep sea fishing

  • Whole morning deep sea fishing
  • Clean your catch of the day
  • Make raw tuna fish with coconut milk + lemon (“poisson cru au lait de coco”)
  • Help in the kitchen and learn how they cook the catch of the day
  • Tahitian dance class
  • Watch the beatiful night sky with all the stars
  • Learn how to start fire without lighter or matches


Day 3: Trip to Ahe for diving and more – back to Manihi

  • Pick up by Dive N’ Co for a diving experience in Ahe located 9,3 miles (15 km) west of Manihi
  • Check out the Puka tree in Ahe and learn about its importance
  • Spear fishing in Ahe
  • Flower leis making
  • Look for Tupa & hermite crabs
  • Look for uto to make uto bread and ipo with coconut milk
  • Singing around a bonfire with ukulele and guitare + dance
  • Relax : you’re in Manihi and it’s your last day there