Island Seclusion

The Place Where Time Stops


Life slows on the island of Taha’a in The Islands of Tahiti. This quiet island will sweep you away into the traditional, tranquil life of the Tahitians. The flower-shaped island’s simple beauty comes in soft mountains, surrounded by tiny motu with bright, white-sand beaches. Vanilla-scented air wafts on breezes that flow down the hillsides from numerous vanilla farms, and these soft aromas ride the ocean breezes announcing the soul of the island long before you even see it on the horizon.

About Taha'a

33 / 53
SQ. MI / KM²
45 MIN

Reasons to Stay in Taha’a

The Authentic Charm of the Island

Time seems to have stopped in Taha’a, a secretive and secluded island. While strolling along paths across the island, travelers will discover unspoiled vegetation.

Vanilla Discovery

Discovering the secrets of vanilla in its natural environment will make you fall in love with Taha’a even more. Visitors enjoy sampling vanilla tahitensis, a unique and precious vanilla that tastes like paradise. A certain artistic know-how is required to grow this exquisite spice. It’s a skill that’s acquired over time and with great experience. Just like patient alchemists, specialists pamper their vanilla for many months before the miracle begins to happen.

A Big Fish Tank

Feel like Robinson Crusoe, lying on the fine sand dotted with beautiful palm trees, facing crystal clear water on the motu of Taha’a. The scenery is perfect in and out of the water. Snorkelers will find many coral heads in this rich underwater world.