How to turn your home office into a Tahitian paradise?

April 14, 2020 in Experience

The Islands of Tahiti have long been known as a place that allows you and all your senses to escape reality, filled with soft white sand beaches, warm tropical breezes and the smell of fresh Taha’a vanilla. And whilst we may not be able to leave our homes just yet, creating a space that replicates one of the most incredible places on earth is definitely do-able. While isolating or working from home, you can turn your space into a Tahitian haven by implementing these small yet effective changes:

1. Smell…

Create a fresh and welcoming space and take your mind elsewhere through the power of scent. Light a vanilla candle or find a diffuser that includes the scent of tiare flowers, or you can add a few drops of vanilla essential oil to your diffuser to ignite an instant feeling of being in the tropical paradise that is The Islands of Tahiti.

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2. Hear…

Fill your ears with the sound of paradise by turning on your favourite chill out summer playlist. For a more virtual effect, Spotify provides a nearly three hour long Tahitian playlist that will have you completely chilled out in no time! Or to really feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, use a sound machine that plays ongoing waves lapping on a shore.

3. Feel…

It can become easy to feel claustrophobic and slightly delirious when you’re stuck at home for extended periods. Turn on a bright light and turn your heater on low for a few hour hours to emulate the feeling of a warm tropical sun against your skin.


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4. See…

Instead of watching hours of day time TV, chrome cast YouTube to your television and simply search a Tahiti image carousel. Guaranteed to boost your concentration levels as well as your overall mood in no time!

5. Taste…

It can be easy to slip into bad eating habits whilst being at home all day. The Islands of Tahiti are renowned for serving a plethora of fresh fruits, vegetables and locally caught fish for all meals. Swap toast with fresh fruits for breakfast, baked fish with a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon for lunch and finish off your Friday with a tropical inspired cocktail!


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Working from the confines of our homes has become a reality for most us recently, and whilst the idea of sitting at our dining table or on lounge all days isn’t as great in reality as it used to sound, it actually makes for a perfect time to create your ideal work setting that has the ability to take your mind elsewhere.