The Words of Mana

June 24, 2021 in Experience

There are many sides to The Islands of Tahiti (and countless ways they can leave you speechless). But the most powerful of them all comes from Mana. Mana is the life force, and spirit of our islands. Our people. And our culture. And when you visit, you’ll find that we have many expressions for all the ways we experience it. When it is good, we say, Maita’i. When we are happy, we say, ‘Oa ‘Oa. And when we want to celebrate the moment with the people around us, we say, Manuia! We invite you to use these, and many other Words of Mana to express its power of when you feel it come over you.

When you visit The Islands of Tahiti, you will get a feeling that can only be found when you are embraced by Mana. These are Words of Mana, a few Polynesian phrases that will help you express when you feel the power of Mana come over you.

‘Ia Ora Na = Hello

Everyone who arrives to The Islands of Tahiti is greeted with a ceremonial Tiare Tahiti flower lei and this simple phrase of welcoming. Let ‘Ia Ora Na’ invite you to be free and present while you explore our idyllic corner of the world, in the islands embraced by Mana.

Mahana = Sunny

The sun shines brightest in The Islands of Tahiti. It’s what gives everything and everyone a special glow and a sunny attitude. We invite you to visit our Mahana world.

Maita’i = Good

When everything is perfect. When we are content in the moment. When all is well and we are having a good time, we say Maita’i. And when things are especially good and we are overjoyed, we say Maita’i roa! or Very good!

‘Oa ‘Oa = Joy

In a place as beautiful and wondrous as The Islands of Tahiti, it is difficult to have any emotion other than pure bliss. That is why we say ‘Oa ‘Oa to express the joy that fills every moment in our world.

Moana = Ocean

The Islands of Tahiti are connected by Moana, or the ocean. Let the crystal-clear waters wrap themselves around you and carry you to peace, to adventure, to paradise in The Islands of Tahiti.

Ua Reva = Let’s Go

There is no end to the adventures you’ll find in The Islands of Tahiti. Whether you’re looking to swim with the dolphins on Moorea, hike to a hidden waterfall on Nuku Hiva, or take in the setting sun from a sandy beach, you’ll want to say, Ua Reva!, or Let’s go!

Tātau = Tattoo

The art of the tattoo is a long-held tradition in Polynesian culture. It is very strong on the Marquesas Islands, the most remote and untamed of the Polynesian Islands and is found throughout in The Islands of Tahiti today. Tattoos began as a rite among men and women as they grew out of childhood and into adulthood. They signify strength and courage of the person wearing them and are regarded with respect and honor. Every year, we celebrate this part of our culture during the Tātau I Tahiti Tattonesia, a festival that brings together the most talented tātau artists in French Polynesia and International artists also to share their work with visitors from around the world.

Manuia = Cheers

Cultures all around the world have words for celebrating the moment: Cheers! Salud! Prost! And in The Islands of Tahiti, we say Manuia! It lets us express the happiness we feel when we are embraced by Mana.

Māuruuru = Thank You

In this secluded paradise, we Polynesians have a great deal to be thankful for. So, we use Māuruuru to give thanks and show our appreciation as often as we can. For every moment, each kind act, and for every experience brought to us by Mana.

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