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The Islands of Tahiti

Come Sail Away

To truly experience the awe of The Islands of Tahiti, nothing beats approach them from the sea. Feel the transition from the deep, untamed royal blues and rolling waves of the Pacific to the welcoming hues of a quiet, hushed lagoon. Follow the trail of flower-scented air that announces the land long before you see it. Then, watch these magical islands rise, enchanted, from the horizon. Pause to recognize the moment when you realize you’re not dreaming – these are The Islands of Tahiti.

Cruising & Sailing Conditions

Over 1000
Navigable Waters

Cruising and sailing turns to discovery in Tahitian waters where you can embark on a voyage to explore the mystical South Pacific islands and atolls. Here, the ports-of-call are uncrowded and charming, the ships are smaller and luxurious, the neon-blue waters within the lagoons are calm, and the ocean journey between the islands is short. On these voyages, each island stopover will become your next favorite idyll and unforgettable memory.

Authentic Experiences