Yacht Charter

Embark on an unforgettable cruise to discover The Islands of Tahiti.

Aboard a bespoke catamaran, this floating hotel offers a personalized trip voyage combining transportation, accommodations and culinary delights, as well as a wide range of activities to discover the diversity of our islands, with family, friends, and loved ones. Wake up to a new paradise every day.

The Islands of Tahiti, Embraced by Mana.

Good reasons for choosing the sailing stay

•Tahiti is the romantic destination, with your children, or in a group of friends, you can rent just one cabin or the whole of the boat according to the stay you dream of.

• Whether you like an island rather than another, visit a pearl farm or a plantation of vanilla, a valley or a day lazing … you are free! Free from your movements, your rhythm, your itinerary.

• A professional crew You can choose to rent your boat with a crew. Or just a skipper, or a skipper and a hostess who will take care of the stewardship, the kitchen and the hygiene on board. They will be your guides, will tell you the places not to be missed ashore or on the lagoon and will be able to make you share their knowledge and experiences of the culture Polynesia

• Like at the hotel! From the furnished apartment to the luxury suite, there is on a boat all the comfort of your usual holiday places and sometimes even more. The nautical charter is a floating hotel within easy reach of everyone and for everyone’s enjoyment.

• Sea sickness ? No swell, no pitching, no rolling on the Polynesian lagoons! Protected by the coral reef, in an incomparable setting, you slip aboard your boat as on a lake, safely.

• What to do on land? Our preserved islands are full of treasures and offer several excursion possibilities. Each has its own identity, its history, its possibilities of meeting people. Visit the villages, markets, historical places, museums … discover the coral garden, go hiking, golf or horse riding … or enjoy a romantic evening while dining in a large hotel in Bora Bora or Taha’a

Come & sail

Discover The Islands of Tahiti by sea